Dr Hung Tran

Dr Hung D Tran, MBBS

physician, mentor, educator

Hello, my name is Hung and what I essentially do is accompany people as they come home to themselves. 

The premise of my work is that lasting healing and transformation can only happen through your insightful understanding of who you are and how your experiences are created.  

Insights are not merely ‘better ideas’; they are profound realisations capable of radically changing your life.

For nearly three decades, I have been immersed in various traditions of human healing and transformation. These encompass practices rooted in Buddhist meditation, Daoist philosophy, Acupuncture, Western and Chinese medicine, The Three Principles, and Alchemical Healing.


I have come to see that the essence of healing and transformation is a correction of perception. 

For individuals 


Since 1998, I have practised as a physician of Western and then Far Eastern medicine. I owned and ran a thriving acupuncture practice in Central London until 2020. I’ve also served as a teacher of meditation in the Buddhist tradition. In 2017, I pioneered the first mentorship programme in Classical Acupuncture. I now work as a consultant, mentor and educator of innate health. 


As an innate health physician, I help individuals discover their own unique medicine and access their remarkable self-healing capacity. This is mainly accomplished through insightful conversations and when helpful, I use acupuncture, or recommend meditation, Daoist life nourishing practices, essential oils and flower essences. 

My approach 

Whether working with individuals or groups, my intention remains the same – to invite you into presence. This is where you can hear your connection to your wisdom and allow that to guide, heal and transform you. Through presence, you will come into ever deeper alignment with your authentic self, enabling you to live the life you were meant to live.

Consultation fees: 

45-minutes, £180

60-minutes, £225

90-minutes, £300

My work is conducted in person and online.


Dr Hung D Tran, MBBS 
Innate Health Physician