Five of the best facials in London

“They say: Dubbed the “skin booster” mesotherapy is one of the most sought-after natural and nonsurgical treatments, which immediately delivers hydration and aids anti- ageing. See a dramatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We say: The superfacialist Vaishaly is so well known for her iconic treatments that she is one of the few practitioners referred to by first name alone. Her mesotherapy treatment is unlike any other, thanks to her signature “nappage” technique. Whatever your skincare concerns, Vaishaly will concoct a bespoke mixture of serums – she chose a potent hyaluronic acid for my desiccated skin – and then tiny needles are gently tapped over the contours of your face to help the elixir penetrate deeper. It was soothing, not uncomfortable, and the results were instant. I looked refreshed, glowing, my perma-furrowed brow was smoothed and, even better, the results lasted for weeks. I’m addicted. Vanessa Jolly”


“I’ve often wondered if there was a treatment between a facial and an aesthetic procedure that could rejuvenate tired skin and give it back it’s glow. I’m not in the least against aesthetic procedures and I know they work amazing well, and are completely safe, in the right hands, but I haven’t felt ready to go along that route yet.

You may remember some time ago I had a facial with the renown facialist Vaishaly. I believe you have reached a certain status in your profession when you are known purely by your Christian name. And it’s not surprising the beauty industry regards Vaishaly with such high esteem, her integrated approach to skin rejuvenation is unique. Her hands alone can remould your face, but recently she has added a different dimension to her treatments, Mesotherapy.”